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Suspended/Revoked Drivers License

Getting a driver’s license restored and back into someone’s hands can be time consuming and can involve a lot of leg work. It is critical in today’s world. Everyone has to work, take the kids to school, travel, get groceries, go to the doctor or some other critical function in our daily lives.  A conviction for Driving While License Suspended/Revoked will result in an additional 6 month suspension on top of what you already have.


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Driving in Alabama is a privilege, not a right. The State reserves the right to revoke or suspend your driving privileges under any one of several circumstances. Your license can be suspended for points accumulated, conviction for DUI, Driving While License Suspended or Revoked, convictions for certain drug offenses, unpaid child support arrearage, unpaid civil damages arising out of a car accident and other reasons.

Alabama does not have a “hardship” license. The State doesn’t care what sort of inconvenience a suspended license has on your life or your family’s wellbeing. You need someone who knows how to work through the system, identify the problem with your license and resolve that problem. The Fleming Law Firm can solve this problem for you. Get started today and begin getting your life back in order. A judge will usually want to help you if he/she can. We just have to find a reason for them to help you.

Driver License Reinstatement Mobile AL

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