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If you are charged with Domestic Violence, there are a few things you need to do. First, decline to make any statements if questioned. You have the right to an attorney before questioning, so exercise that right. You will be taken to jail and booked. Do not make idle conversation with the officers while riding in the backseat. Be polite and courteous but do not make statements. Do not express any anger towards the “victim” or make any threats towards him/her. After you bail out, call Tim Fleming immediately and start preparing your defense. If you are unemployed, get employed right away. Start taking care of your own business – it will make an impression on the judge.


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The penalties for a domestic violence charge can result in fines ranging up to $10,000, and jail sentences from 1 day to 20 years in prison and everything in between. If convicted, you will forever lose the right to own a firearm, even for strictly hunting purposes. Police officers and military lose their jobs if convicted because they can no longer own or possess a weapon. If you are found in possession of a weapon you can be charged with a separate criminal offense, and in many instances, end up in federal court. More and more people are finding a conviction for Domestic Violence eliminates good jobs in the future. Hiring companies simply don’t want someone with that baggage in their employ.

Domestic Violence charges in today’s world are incredibly serious. When the police are called to answer a Domestic Violence charge they will take someone to jail. It has become law enforcement policy. Arguments that used to be resolved personally without law enforcement intervention have now become a life changing event.

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You simply do not want to stand alone when charged with a Domestic Violence offense. There are solutions to these charges that do not result in a conviction. You need a good, experienced attorney who knows how to resolve these cases without a conviction. If a resolution cannot be reached, then you need someone who knows how to try these cases. A judge or jury can be difficult to sway in your favor even with a good attorney. Without an attorney it’s nearly impossible.

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