Have you been accused of domestic violence?

Such a conviction can have dire future consequences such as the loss of the right to own a firearm. If caught with a firearm after a domestic violence conviction, you could be charged in both state and federal court for being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm. DO NO take these charges lightly. Contact Tim Fleming today and start defending yourself.

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The abuse within a household or intimate connection is referred to as “domestic violence” in general. Physical, psychological, financial, and emotional abuse are all possible forms. The fact that domestic violence involves two (or more) individuals from the same home, family, or relationship is its most crucial distinguishing feature.

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You Likely Need an Attorney

You must do several things if you are accused of domestic violence. First, if questioned, refuse to give any statements. Make use of your right to an attorney before being questioned. You’ll be arrested and booked there. While seated in the backseat, refrain from chit-chatting with the officers. Be kind and considerate, but avoid making pronouncements.

Avoid expressing resentment or threatening the “victim” in any way. As soon as you leave, give Tim Fleming a call and begin building your case. If you are jobless, get work as soon as possible. Start thinking of your affairs now; the judge will notice.


There are many types of intimate relationship violence, including physical and psychological abuse.

Physical Abuse

There are many types of physical violence, including hitting, slapping, burning, hair pulling, choking, and painfully twisting fingers and arms.

Sexual Abuse

It includes coerced sex with other people for any reason, forced sexual activity or other sexual acts, rape, forcing a partner to partake in offensive or distressing sexual activity, forcing the victim to watch porn or pose for pornographic photographs, and coerced sex with other people.

Verbal Abuse

It includes calling someone names, yelling, screaming, threatening the victims’ children or pets, and relentlessly criticizing the partner’s abilities or attractiveness.

Emotional Abuse

Abusers could avoid addressing their spouses by name and instead use sarcastic or humiliating language to refer to them. This can involve humiliating the victim in front of others, threatening violence or suicide, manipulating, blaming, and making other statements to make the victim feel uncertain and uneasy.

Economic Abuse

Non-disclosure and restricting money are types of coercion that abusers use to prevent their victims from attempting to escape the abusive situation, seeking legal counsel, and making purchases that the abuser has not specifically given the go-ahead for.


Stalking is a sort of terrorism that can occur while dating, when you are in a relationship, or after it ends. The abuser may accompany the victim to appointments with doctors, shopping, the gym, work, school, or visits with friends and relatives.


You do not want to face the charges when accused of domestic violence alone. There are ways to resolve these allegations without getting a conviction. You require an excellent, knowledgeable lawyer who can settle these matters without conviction. If a solution cannot be found, you need someone experienced in these situations. Even with strong counsel, persuading a judge or jury to rule in your favor may be challenging. It is essentially impossible without a lawyer.

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