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With over 30 years of litigation practice in criminal defense and civil cases, he has gained knowledge and experience in defensive approach and winning a case. Every case is different and is fabricated of different facts, circumstances, and people. Sometimes the win comes in different forms – i.e., in civil cases, the win might be a verdict in favor of the client or a settlement to his client’s satisfaction. The win might be a not guilty, dismissal, reduced sentence, good behavior, or some other alternative sentence in criminal cases. Every case is different and deserves individual attention.

TIM FLEMING Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham, AL, 1984
Tim graduated from law school at Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham, AL, in 1984. He made Dean’s List and passed the bar on the first try. He moved to Mobile, Alabama, alone and began practice without a single client or family member to back him up. He fought and scraped for everything he has earned. Tim has helped thousands of people over the years and has developed long-lasting relationships with those he has helped.
Tim spent two years prosecuting cases in the Mobile County District Attorney’s office, which proved invaluable to his career. He prosecuted everything from worthless checks for murder while developing relationships with other prosecutors, judges, police officers, and probation officers that still assist him today.

Areas of Practice

  • Criminal Law

  • Traffic Tickets

  • Personal Injury
  • Drug Charges
  • Civil Litigation

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What Tim Fleming Does

Tim draws on his past years of experience as a state prosecutor in Mobile County prosecuting everything from “worthless checks” to murder – and everything in between. He has expertise in defending against violent crimes, domestic violence, drug charges, reckless driving, DUI and traffic tickets of any sort – including CDL tickets. He can assist you with your claim for compensation for injuries suffered at the negligence of someone else. Depending on the charge, Tim has designed processes & procedures for dealing with technicalities and developing defensive strategies for your case. Three decades of serving clients with criminal cases, traffic tickets, and the like has prepared Tim to help you with your case.


With over 30 years of experience in a Law firm, Tim Fleming is passionate about serving those who require criminal defense with cases such as traffic tickets, DUI, drug charges, personal injury, and domestic violence. Tim has been keen to serve good people as their criminal lawyer. He is determined to fight for your rights and help you achieve that.

What Tim Fleming Offers

The Tim Fleming Law firm can offer you with result-oriented defensive strategy in case of any arrest for traffic tickets or criminal accusation for many crimes. As an experienced criminal defense attorney in Mobile, Alabama, I can help you understand the charges against you, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution’s case, and formulate a plan of success. Tim and his team can help you at every stage of the case.


I am here to help answer your law-related questions. Judicial matters can be complicated, but I can help inform you of every aspect regarding your topic. I take great pride in using my experience for you and look forward to hearing from you.