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Are you not sure which drug comes under the illegal category, or are you not sure what consequences you may have to face in case of being charged with drug charges? Tim Fleming Law Firm will help you through everything and make things easier.


Many illegal substances, including cocaine and methamphetamine, are subject to federal and state restrictions. The production, cultivation, trafficking, distribution, and possession of these substances fall under this category. Conviction on drug charges frequently entails harsh punishment and penalty terms. Medical marijuana laws have been passed in several jurisdictions, allowing doctors to prescribe it for some conditions while protecting eligible patients from prosecution for marijuana-related drug offenses.

You must obtain legal counsel as quickly as possible if you’ve been accused of a drug offense. For a drug accusation, you might have to serve some time in jail; however, with Tim Fleming by your side, we can help ensure you get the best possible outcome.

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A drug crime can attract severe consequences and even prolonged jail terms. The severity of punishments and fines depends on the type of drug charge that is imposed. Let’s have a look at what different types of Drug Charges are.

Possession of Controlled Substances

Possession of unlawful drugs is the most fundamental drug accusation, punishing offenders with illegal narcotics in their possession or control. It is unnecessary to provide evidence of ownership or purpose for this accusation. Even merely keeping somebody else’s heroin or cocaine could lead to legal action against the possessor.

Distributing Illegal Drug

This wide-ranging criminal charge can refer to activities like giving away drugs, dispersing substances, drug dealing, smuggling drugs, or even making drug-supply offers. There are many ways to be prosecuted for supplying illicit drugs, especially if you have planned to offer someone what you think to be a harmful substance, but it never shows up.

Smuggling Illicit Drugs

Drug trafficking charges may be brought against you if you sell drugs, even once. There is evidence that a company is being run if you were charged with trafficking, which is the most serious drug-related offense; you need to get legal counsel because the penalties are severe.

Manufacturing Unlawful Drugs

You may be accused of producing drugs if you are cultivating, creating, preparing, packaging, or doing any other form of drug production. One marijuana plant in a pot on your back porch will be sufficient to prove that you were cultivating or creating meth; you don’t even need a fully operational meth lab to face this allegation.

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Any apparatus used to produce, inject, inhale, or conceal illegal substances is referred to as drug paraphernalia. Additionally, it describes any machinery used to generate, produce, or package pharmaceuticals. The use of drug paraphernalia is frequently lawful, and some of it is even intended for legal use. Despite this designation, evidence may be used to accuse someone of illegally possessing drug paraphernalia if they have the item in their possession.

Driving With Drugs

Police can now test drivers for marijuana, speed/meth, and ecstasy at the roadside, rendering drug driving a potentially serious offense. You may be prosecuted for driving while intoxicated by a pertinent drug or while in possession of a relevant substance if any illegal narcotics are discovered in your system. You can get help from Tim Fleming Law Firm with this and any other charges you might be dealing with.

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Tim Fleming has been defending and prosecuting narcotics cases for 30 years. He is familiar with the law, the courts, and the prosecutors. It would be best if you had his experience to defend against these accusations and rebuild your life. A conviction affects your family, friends, and job in addition to you. It has an impact on how much confidence someone has in you. Really, can you overlook that? No, not!


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