Tim Fleming has been a criminal defense attorney for over 30 years, and has represented countless people accused of crimes throughout that time. Before becoming a private lawyer, Tim spent several years as a Mobile County Assistant District Attorney, where he developed an understanding of how the “other side” thinks. This knowledge and experience gives him an edge over your average criminal defense attorney.

Throughout this time, he also developed relationships with prosecutors, judges, police officers, and probations officers that still benefit him to this day. Tim Fleming knows the judges, he knows the prosecutors, and he knows the jurors. He knows how they think, and how to approach each case in a way that is favorable to you.

Tim Fleming knows the law, and how it applies to your individual scenario. Was the search of your home or car legal? He can determine that. Will your case go to federal court, or stay in state court? Tim knows.

Aside from his vast understanding of the law, Tim Fleming also understands that each case, just like each person, deserves individual time and attention. He also knows that everyone makes mistakes, even good people. He is here to work your case without any judgment regarding the charge, or your personal circumstances. If you’re facing any sort of criminal charge, you need an attorney on your side as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to contact The Fleming Law Firm today.


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If you have been charged with any criminal offense, do not delay. Don’t try to wait it out and see what happens. Instead, you should start defending yourself immediately. The first step is to ensure that you do not make any incriminating statements to law enforcement officers, or anyone else for that matter. Step two is to call Tim Fleming at The Fleming Law Firm right away. By doing this, you’ll begin the arrangements to get Tim Fleming on your side as early as possible.

If you are facing any sort of criminal charge, you’re sure to have countless questions about the next steps, and how these charges might affect your future. Many people wonder how they will explain these charges to their family, or their employer. Circumstances like these come with a lot of anxiety, which is why you need to have an attorney who can answer your questions. With thirty years of experience to back up his knowledge, Tim Fleming is your go-to for any question you may have. He will guide you through each step of the case, treat you like the individual you are, and give you the best criminal defense possible.

You may be thinking that you don’t need to hire a criminal defense attorney to help you with your charges. Criminal charges have serious repercussions, and you need to have experienced legal help to guide you through the process. Judges can set fines of thousands of dollar, not to mention any potential jail sentence, probation, or court costs you might face. Standing in court alone can be intimidating, so why put all of that pressure on yourself? With consequences like these on the line, you need experience on your side. The arresting officer already has a lawyer lined up to help them, and that lawyer is the prosecutor, otherwise known as the D.A., It’s his job to go after you and seek a conviction. Why shouldn’t you have someone on your side, to?

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There are many different types of state level drug charges, most of which can range from misdemeanor to felony. Typical state-level drug charges could be any of the following:

  • Drugs- possession, sale, or trafficking, ranging from misdemeanor to felony.
  • Assault- includes domestic violence, simple assaults, or aggravated assaults, ranging from misdemeanor felony.
  • Sex Crimes- ranges from sexual misconduct to rape and sodomy first degree, ranging from misdemeanor to felony.
  • Theft- ranges from simple shoplifting to theft of property first degree, ranging from misdemeanor to felony.
  • Property Crimes- includes trespass, burglary, criminal mischief, ranging from misdemeanor to felony.

Whether you’re facing one, or many, of these charges, the process can be long, as overwhelming. It’s certainly not something that you want to do on your own. The law is not designed to be understood by everyone, you need someone by your side who has a deeper understanding of the law, and the system, than the average person. Tim Fleming is the criminal defense attorney to call when the time comes. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation today.

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A felony conviction will typically result in the loss of certain civil rights and benefits, including but not limited to the right to vote, hold public office, loss of federal benefits such as housing, the right to own a firearm (regardless of the purpose of ownership) and other consequences. These are important fundamental rights that we all inherently have as American citizen, so defending these rights, and defending them well, is imperative. Tim Fleming know this, and can promise you that he will bring all of his knowledge and experience to your defense. He will help you “find a way to win, not a reason to lose.”

In short, you do not want to deal with a criminal charge on your own. You need a lawyer on your side even if the case looks like it will be dismissed, to make sure your legal rights are protected. Call Tim Fleming today at (251) 304-0888.


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