Getting pulled over is one of the worst feelings. Oftentimes you’re already late to wherever you were speeding to and getting slapped with a $200 at minimum ticket is the perfect way to ruin your day. Not only that but you’ll have to take time off of work or school to appear in court, and face increases in your auto insurance policy.

Insurance policies are based on risk so if you’ve proven yourself to be in any way risky or reckless you’re going to face an increase in your insurance rates that will end up adding to a fairly sizable amount of money in the long run. Most insurance policies take at least a year, oftentimes longer, to get your rates back down to what they were so even if you’re paying only $20 a month it can add up to a significant amount that you could be saving, enjoying, or simply paying your bills with. Read on to see why getting a traffic ticket attorney is the right thing to do when you get a traffic ticket. 

Is It Worth It?

One of the biggest misconceptions about attorneys is that they are prohibitively expensive. However, this is not always the case especially when it comes to traffic tickets. Since these charges are relatively quick and simple to deal with, attorneys charge very reasonable rates to handle them.

Some huge benefits come with hiring an attorney that makes the cost worth it in the long run. For starters, an attorney will usually be able to go to court for you, saving the cost of missing work or having to find a babysitter.

You’re also paying for the legal experience that they offer. They’ve likely seen hundreds if not thousands of cases like this and know exactly what to do to get you the best deal possible. This can be especially useful if you’re dealing with a complicated case, something that truly is not your fault, or if you’ve had multiple traffic tickets in the past year. Each traffic ticket you get impacts your insurance so if you’ve had bad luck with the law, it’s definitely in your best interest to hire an attorney to advocate for you.

Additionally, if you work for a ride-share app or food delivery service and driving is your job, you’ll want to keep a clean driving record, as to not affect your source of income.

When Is It Not Worth It?

If the court offers you the option to take a driving course to dismiss your ticket it might not be worth it to spend the money on an attorney. Taking the course will fulfill the requirement and have the ticket dismissed which is much better than having to pay even a reduced rate.

Can You Win?

A traffic ticket should not be accepted as a charge that you have to roll over and pay the fine for. Oftentimes, though an attorney can negotiate a lower amount of money, or even more importantly not have the ticket put on your driving record which will keep your insurance rates low.

 Again, you’re paying for the fact that your attorney is going to advocate for you. They know the legal system inside and out, this is an opportunity for them to fight for you and make sure that you pay the minimum amount for your traffic violation. Courts rely on the fact that the people who get traffic tickets are inexperienced and will simply pay the fee to avoid any trouble. By challenging this status quo you will be able to receive a much more favorable outcome.

 Paying a traffic ticket seems like a necessary evil, but it doesn’t have to be. Contact Tim Fleming Law Firm by phone today or use our online contact form and let’s see what your options are. There’s a good chance we can help you beat your traffic ticket in court.