You look in your rearview mirror and you see flashing lights. You hope they are after someone else, but they stay right behind you. You pull over, get all of your information ready, and hope for the best. But, today isn’t your day – you’ve been given a traffic ticket. Hopefully, you were not rude to the officer (even if you wanted to be). Maybe this is your first time, maybe it isn’t. In either instance, there are a few things you need to do after you’ve been given a traffic ticket.

Calm Down

There’s a pretty good chance that you are upset right now. You might even be thinking about what you should’ve said (we are glad you didn’t say it). Now is not the time to let your frustrations out, especially since you’ve just been given a traffic ticket.


So, once the officer has left, take a moment to calm down. Breath in, listen to a loud song, or even cry for a few minutes … just find a way to call down.

Finish Whatever You Were Doing

Now that you’ve calmed down, you’ve got other things to deal with. Whether you were going to work or home, it’s time to get there (safely; you should be calm now). Even though you might want to turn around and mope/scream, it’s better that you stay on task.


Again, make sure you are calmed down before you drive away. You don’t want to put yourself (or others) at risk. Once you get where you were going, you will have time to assess the situation. From there, you can decide on your next steps.

Contact A Lawyer

Now, here is where you need to be real with yourself. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:


  • Was the ticket warranted?
  • Could a warning have been sufficient?
  • Is the traffic ticket fine excessive?


After you’ve been real with yourself, it’s time to consider a traffic ticket lawyer. Someone who can help you understand the laws regarding your situation, who can help reduce the penalties, who can suggest alternatives, and even help with getting the ticket dismissed.


Finding a lawyer that understands the laws regarding your situation should be your first priority. If you are ready to see what can be done about your traffic ticket, call Tim Fleming at the Tim Fleming Law Firm. They’ve been helping clients just like you since 1984. All it takes is one call to schedule a free consultation. If you want a fighting chance in court, then make the call right now.


Don’t let a traffic day ruin your day – or your driving record!