If you never had to defend yourself in court, you might not know what a criminal defense lawyer does.

Well, you are in luck!

Let’s look at the job of a criminal defense lawyer and how they can help keep you out of BIG trouble.


A criminal defense lawyer represents an individual who has been accused of a crime. When the government brings a criminal accusation against someone, it’s because a prosecutor’s office has spent time collecting and preparing evidence they believe is incriminating towards that individual. They sometimes use forensic professionals who are prepared to go to court to testify and convince the judge or a jury that the accused individual is guilty. It is a criminal defense lawyer’s job to defend their client by showing the evidence against them is faulty. Let’s look at how the process works.

Before The Case Has Been Accepted

A criminal defense lawyer will meet with the accused individual in order to see if the attorney is the best person for the case. The criminal defense lawyer will make sure there are no conflicts of interest or lack of knowledge about the type of case before taking on a client. Once the attorney is sure there are no issues, they will accept the client. When the client has been accepted, any communications between attorney and client become confidential.

Before The Case

Before a case begins, a criminal defense lawyer will seek to gather all the facts in a case. There will be interviews conducted with the client and witnesses surrounding the case. An investigation is performed by the criminal defense lawyer’s team, followed by an analysis of the evidence gathered.

During The Case

There will be a waiting period to know when the trial will begin; during that time, the criminal defense lawyer will stay in contact with their client to keep them informed of how the case is going. There is also a chance a Plea Bargain could be reached; that is where the client, attorney, and court all agree the client is pleading guilty to a lesser charge for a reduced sentence.

A criminal defense lawyer can also call in a team of professionals to testify on the client’s behalf. If the prosecution calls a forensic specialist to testify, the criminal defense lawyer may bring in a forensic specialist to counter the testimony.  A criminal defense attorney can use a number of professionals to help bolster the defendant’s case. They may use trial consultants who have a specialty in a given background to create presentations that will be used in the trial. A criminal defense lawyer will use all the tools available to fight for the defendant and get the best possible verdict.

The Verdict

It is possible the defendant could be found guilty because of a verdict or due to a plea bargain. In that case, the criminal defense attorney will try to convince the judge or jury that there were circumstances involved that should weigh on sentencing. These discussions could lead to a reduced sentence or probation in place of incarceration. A criminal defense attorney is always seeking to aid the defendant.

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