What do you do if you’re falsely charged with domestic violence?

It’s a question most people never thought they would have to ask, but over the last twenty years, it has been used by the public as a way to get back at someone. It can also happen in the heat of a moment; a drunken spouse or partner calls 911 after an argument and says they have been beaten up. If you find yourself victim to this kind of awful scenario, it can be a terrifying experience. Not only may you wind up in prison, but your reputation is also going to suffer.

How then do you deal with being falsely charged with domestic violence?

To help, we’ve put together a list of things you can do right now to help protect yourself.

Get Legal Help Quick!

Once you have been falsely charged with domestic violence, you need to act fast.

Getting legal representation who can act as an advocate on your behalf is crucial. Tim W. Fleming, Attorney At Law has extensive experience dealing with domestic violence cases and can advise you on what to do every step of the way.

Not knowing what to do can put you in a bind, and end up costing you your freedom. Don’t make that mistake!

Don’t Make Things Worse

You may feel that calling your spouse or partner and trying to reason with them may be a good idea; it’s not. In many cases calling your spouse or partner because you have been falsely accused of domestic violence will backfire. If there is a restraining order in place, you will violate it, which can be used against you. Even if there is no restraining order in place, calling your spouse or partner can be viewed as harassment and allows them to make further false charges that you committed domestic violence.

Don’t make the mistake of contacting your spouse or partner; listen to your attorney instead.

Keep Track Of Everything

While it is not a good idea to contact your spouse or partner if you’ve been falsely charged with domestic violence, it can work in your favor if they contact you. Why? Because if someone accuses you of domestic violence and then repeatedly contacts you over the phone, via text, or email, it shows that person does not see you as a real threat.  Also, think about any reasons your spouse or partner could benefit from having you falsely charged with domestic violence. Are you currently in the middle of a divorce? Is there a custody battle for your children? Did you cheat on your spouse or partner, and the false charge of domestic violence is a way of getting even? Any evidence that you can give to your attorney can go a long way to helping you beat the false charge of domestic violence.

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