DUI charges are often as complicated as they are common. With that, there are plenty of myths being passed around, many of which can be devastating. Rather than get stressed out, overwhelmed, or lose hope, stick to what you do know. Remember, websites are designed to get visitors, which means they’ll make a minor problem BIG if it will get clicks. Instead, trust someone who has actual experience with DUI infractions. Tim Fleming Law is here to provide you with the truth behind 5 common DUI myths.

Myth: A DUI Will Be Removed From Your Record After Five Years

This is not true. In Alabama, a DUI cannot be expunged from your criminal record. If a second offense occurs within ten years it will be treated as a subsequent offense. If it happens later than ten years it will be treated as a first offense. The only amount of truth in this myth is the way that a DUI affects your car insurance rates. After receiving a DUI you will have to pay increased rates for five years. After five years your rates will revert to what they were before receiving a DUI, adjusting for inflation and other factors of course. Even this five-year benefit is not much assistance as you will still be paying heavily increased insurance rates for half of a decade.

Myth: Any Attorney Can Handle A DUI Case

While it’s true that technically any attorney can tackle a DUI case, it’s not a good idea to test this. It’s best to hire an attorney who has experience dealing with the specifics of DUI charges. Getting the right DUI attorney is incredibly important to winning your case and avoiding hefty fines or up to a year in prison. It’s no secret that any amount of jail time can hurt future job prospects so it is imperative to find the right attorney for this specific kind of case. Tim Fleming has over 30 years of experience handling DUI cases and can simplify the process for you. He will fight for your rights in the courtroom.

Myth: If You Only Had A Few Drinks You Can’t Get A DUI

DUI’s are often determined based on a test to determine blood alcohol content or BAC. These BAC tests can be done by taking blood, or the much more common breathalyzer test. These tests determine how much alcohol has been absorbed into your blood. This absorption rate is different for everyone and can be affected by factors like weight, amount of drinks, metabolism, and time between drinks. Generally, the rule is that every 40 minutes without a drink your BAC goes down by 0.01%. This isn’t true for everyone though which is why it’s important to never drink and drive. Even a few drinks could put you over the legal limit and have potentially disastrous impacts on your future.

Myth: Being Arrested For A DUI Will Lead To An Automatic Conviction

Many people believe that if you are arrested and charged with a DUI that this kind of case will lead to an automatic conviction. However, this is not always true, especially if you have an experienced and qualified DUI attorney like Tim Fleming. Many factors impact a DUI conviction, so it’s important to consult with an attorney and let them hear your side of the story.

Myth: DUI’s Only Happen To Drunks

This is incredibly false. A DUI can happen to anyone who has been drinking or using another controlled substance and decides to get behind the wheel of a car. In fact, you can even charged with a DUI if you are given a breathalyzer test the morning after a night of heavy drinking; the alcohol has not been completely absorbed into your bloodstream and you still may be over the legal limit. Thinking of DUI’s as something that could never happen to you is incredibly dangerous, as it creates a false sense of security. It’s important to practice smart drinking practices, always have a designated driver or utilize a ride-share app like Uber or Lyft if you want to drink. Drinking out on the town can be safe and fun for everyone, as long as you don’t get behind the wheel. 

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