How To Safely Find Domestic Violence Resources

For those who are living in a situation where they face domestic violence and abuse daily, trying to find the resources that can help them get out of their situation can be terrifying. There is the overwhelming fear that somehow their partner will find out that they are trying to find domestic violence resources and retaliate. Many victims of domestic violence are heavily controlled by their partners, who pay careful attention to their internet use, time out of the house, and even check things like fuel levels in cars, so it can be difficult to find the resources they need. Let’s look at a few ways you can safely find domestic violence resources.


Research Outside Of Your Home

Oftentimes, domestic abusers pay close attention to their victim’s internet history, even going so far as to install software that tracks keystrokes and logs internet searches even when they’ve been deleted. Victims of domestic violence are justified in their feelings of paranoia, as they never know how much their partner might know about the resources they are trying to find.


One place where someone who is trying to find domestic violence resources online can do research in peace is at a local library. Many libraries allow you to use the computer without even having a library card if you are unable to obtain one. Most library computers wipe the history as soon as the person using it logs off, so they are a safe and secure location to find domestic violence resources.


Find Resources And Information In Person

If you can have some free time where your abusive partner is not watching you, or they allow you go to out on your own, finding resources in person is a safe way to get the domestic violence help you need. Some of the places where you can find these resources are:


  • Help desks at courthouses and the District Attorney’s Office.
  • Police stations and Sheriff’s offices. 
  • Thrift stores that operate for charity organizations such as Goodwill and Salvation Army.
  • Local government offices or even the offices of state and federal representatives.


Getting these resources in person can help connect you to the right domestic violence shelters which in turn can provide lifesaving aid to those in a domestic violence situation.


Ask A Trusted Loved One To Research For You

If you have confided in a close, non-judgmental family member or friend, they can be a great resource for safely locating domestic violence resources. It is best to communicate with them about this information in person or over the phone, away from your partner, and without leaving physical evidence of trying to find resources. Some domestic violence professional even recommend using a code word or phrase to discuss domestic violence resources without raising suspicion.


Domestic Violence Resources In Mobile Alabama

At Tim Fleming Law we do the best we can to provide legal aid to those suffering from domestic violence. Here are a few resources in Mobile, Alabama that can help people leave home situations where they face domestic violence:



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