With September 21st marking the official beginning of autumn, the colder months are officially underway. Though it may not feel like it here in Alabama, before we know it, we will be wrapped up in hoodies, flannels, and sweatpants, enjoying the crisp respite from the summer heat. As you prepare for fall, buying Halloween candy, baking pumpkin-flavored goodies, and bringing your autumn wardrobe out of storage, you should also prepare yourself for the injuries fall brings. While summer may be the highest risk season, autumn has some serious risks of its own. Read on to learn how to avoid the most common autumn injuries.

Leave A Light On

As autumn progresses, the long summer days of bright sunshine until nearly 9 p.m. fade and are replaced with an evening that falls sooner and sooner every day. This natural decrease in daylight is only exacerbated by the end of daylight savings time on November 7th, when sunsets become an hour earlier. As the light begins to fade earlier and earlier, injuries increase exponentially. With the low visibility that nighttime brings, combined with the often rainy weather in the fall, it can be easy to take a wrong step, cause accidental injury to someone else, or suffer from a car accident.

The increased hours of night create an equally increased amount of danger. Even more when doing outdoor activities like running, hiking, or working in the yard. Make sure that your phone is fully charged so you can use the flashlight to light your way. Or, add a small flashlight to your keyring for emergencies. If you often find yourself working in the yard in the dusk hours after work, you should make sure to install ample lighting so that you do not suffer an accidental injury. You can purchase any number of yard lamps, string lights, and other stylish pathway lights online or at a local home improvement store.

Don’t Let The Weather Make You Wild

Fall is often seen as a time of abundance. From holidays like Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Oktoberfest, to just the general feeling of relief when the sweltering heat of the summer finally lays off and is replaced with crisp and chilly evenings. Autumn can feel like one big celebration, but it should be celebrated responsibly. Summer is the highest season for car accidents, DUI’s, and drunk and disorderly arrests. However, authorities report that these numbers only take a slight dip in the fall.

This fall, make sure to keep your drinking under control. Utilize rideshare apps, and monitor your friends if they look like they have had too much to drink. While cabs and rideshares can be expensive, they are much cheaper than the high cost of a DUI. Even more, they are certainly worth much less than your life. So, take the necessary precautions and enjoy autumn in a relaxed and responsible manner.

Try Not To Take The Name Of The Season Too Literally

Just because the leaves are falling from the trees, doesn’t mean that you should also be taking a tumble. Slip and fall injuries are one of the main accidents during autumn. Take extra care when climbing on high ladders to clean out gutters, or even when doing yard work. As one of the rainier seasons, autumn can often be a time when water and even frost collects on our yards and sidewalks, making regular surfaces into veritable slip and slides. Be sure to wear shoes with good traction when working outdoors. Keep your cell phone nearby and charged so that you can call for help if you do take a tumble.

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