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Getting convicted of a DUI in Alabama can be a devastating event. It can ruin a good job, take food from your table, deplete your finances and run up the cost of insurance to astronomical proportions. A judge can sentence you to any term in jail up to a year and if it is your 4th charge or more, you could get up to 10 years in jail. Fines can range from $600 – $10,000 or more.

A DUI conviction results in a suspension of license for periods from 90 days to several years. In some circumstances, a Breath Interlock Device is required to be installed on your vehicle. The devices result in monthly expenses, maintenance costs and can last for years as well.

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A DUI can be based on alcohol consumption and/or drug consumption. The drugs could be illegal drugs or prescription medications. The key to either drugs or alcohol is “has it influenced your ability to safely operate the motor vehicle.” The state of Alabama now has approximately 12 Drug Recognition Experts patrolling our highways and streets. These officers have attended certification courses and in doing so, claim to be able to recognize whether you are on drugs, what type of drugs and whether it is affecting your ability to safely operate your motor vehicle.

Not all people who find themselves facing a DUI are bad people. Not at all. In fact, the large majority are good, hard-working, conscientious people who just made a mistake trying to get home. They may have felt fine when they left the party or the restaurant, but on the way home, started to feel the effects of a drink or two. And then they see the blue lights behind them – and their life changes in an instant.

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A DUI is nothing to take lightly. You need someone who understands the law, understands what factors will influence a judge or jury in deciding your guilt or innocence and how to work these to your advantage.

Tim Fleming at Tim Fleming Law Firm knows the law. He knows the important facts and he knows how to work these factors in your favor. He cannot and will not make you a guarantee of a result because, quite simply, it’s improper to do so.

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