Domestic violence covers a wide swath of charges, including simple assault, aggravated assault, strangulation, and even Protection from Abuse Orders. In most cases, domestic violence stems from drinking/drugs and/or arguments over finances and/or cheating. With the stay-at-home order issued by Governor Ivey to curve/prevent the spread of COVID-19, domestic violence has risen in our state and  nationally; it is not limited to only Alabama. So, why is domestic violence on the rise and is there anything that can be done to prevent it?


Tensions Rise After Stay-At-Home Orders

While most crime rates have gone down, one that has not is domestic violence. With Governor Ivey issuing a stay-at-home order, the likelihood that domestic disputes will increase is almost guaranteed.

But why would domestic violence rise during a stay-at-home order?

  • Restricts a person’s ability to leave their abuser.
  • Abusers will take advantage of the slower/non-existent response time of law enforcement officials.
  • Small homes don’t give each partner enough space.
  • Increased tensions from financial disruption and/or fallout from lost jobs.
  • More time around each other can cause additional arguments that otherwise would not occur.
  • Drinking and drug use at home increases as individuals cannot go to the bars/friend’s homes.


Reducing Domestic Violence During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Knowing that domestic violence is on the rise, what can we/you do to reduce the likelihood of an assault?

  • Avoid confrontations; be willing to walk away from an argument.
  • If a situation is escalating, leave the house and walk around the yard or the block.
  • Try to listen to the other party involved; many times, we are already preparing our next zinger (don’t do that).
  • Vent your frustrations with someone you can trust (friends, family), not your partner/spouse.
  • Think about the consequences that come from an arrest over a domestic violence dispute (prison time, financial loss, infection from COVID-19).
  • Avoid using drugs or drinking during this time.
  • Try to find a way to relax or unwind.


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