Getting pulled over for a speeding ticket in Alabama is one of the biggest inconveniences. Likely the reason you were speeding in the first place is that you needed to get somewhere quickly, and are now late and have to face hefty fines. In Mobile County alone, just a speeding ticket can cost $40, without any of the other minor traffic violations the police may ticket you with. It’s important to understand the full situation and explore your options when you receive a speeding ticket, especially one that might involve you going to traffic school, so let’s take a closer look and answer if you have to go to traffic school for an Alabama speeding ticket.


Can I Go To Traffic School To Get Rid Of The Ticket?

Traffic school is easier than ever before, with Alabama allowing for third-party online options. However, even these online traffic schools can take up time that many working people simply don’t have.

If you do have the time to attend either an online or in-person traffic school, it will be worth it. Most courts will dismiss your ticket if you contact them and request to take a traffic school course. This dismissal depends upon violation, with more serious speeding violations not being given this privilege.


Will Going To Traffic School Remove The Ticket From My Record?

Just going to traffic school does not ensure that your ticket will be dismissed. Some traffic violations require traffic school in addition to paying the fine, which is an admission of guilt. However, if your ticket has been dismissed it will not count against you on your driving record. The police may still have a record that the citation was issued, but that does not affect your driving record.


Will Anyone Know That I Received A Traffic Ticket?

It depends on who is looking into your record. If the ticket is not dismissed it will appear on your driving record but, as they are civil infractions, a traffic violation is unlikely to show up on a criminal background check that an employer may run on you. If the ticket is dismissed it will not show up on your driving record, though again there may be evidence of the citation being issued in the police department’s records.


Call An Experienced Attorney

It is extremely unfair to pay a hefty fine and spend your time attending traffic school for a simple minor speeding violation, which is why it is important to hire an experienced attorney who can help you get your ticket dismissed without going to traffic school. An attorney can help you navigate the complicated legal system, and advocate for you in a difficult environment. Speeding tickets can cause your insurance premiums to rise, and cost time and money that could be avoided by hiring an attorney.


If you are facing a traffic ticket for a speeding violation in Mobile, you need to call Tim Fleming Law. Tim has the experience to help you beat your speeding violation so that you won’t have to face any unexpected consequences. Call Tim Fleming Law today and get the law on your side.