Arrested For Shoplifting, What Can You Do?

In Alabama, shoplifting is defined as the theft of store merchandise (simple enough). However, a shoplifting charge can be levied against you from the accusation of theft or leaving the store without paying/permission to leave. That’s a fairly broad stroke…   What Is Needed For A Conviction In A Shoplifting Case? To secure a conviction, [...]

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An Expert Can Help Improve Your Accident Claim Chances

If you have been injured in an accident of any type in Alabama, you might be able to sue for damages and associated costs by all parties involved. Rather than settle out-of-court, most parties will want to take their chances in court. When that happens, you will need to have documentation, research, proof, and more [...]

What Should I Do If I Have Been Arrested In Alabama?

Most encounters with law enforcement are rather mundane - traffic tickets and accident reports. However, some encounters end up escalating, ending up with an arrest (or multiple arrests). During the arrest phase, you may feel that your rights were violated; and possibly so. While it may be difficult, it is best to remain calm and [...]

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What Are My Rights During A Traffic Stop?

We have all been there… One second you are driving down the highway without a care in the world and the next moment you are being pulled over. You try feverishly to figure out why you were pulled over, come up with a legitimate excuse (if you need it), and then you worry about what [...]

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6 Reasons Why Innocent People End Up In Prison?

Our justice system is supposed to keep innocent people out of jail, so why are so many innocent people ending up in prison? With so much technology tracking us daily, you would think that solving a case of any magnitude would be as simple as following the digital trail (phones, videos, GPS signals) … yet [...]

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5 Ways You Can Challenge Your Breathalyzer Test Results In Alabama

Being pulled over for driving under the influence (DUI) is serious. And while the case may look bleak, you still have defense options that could limit your charges (and possible jail time), with some cases being thrown out completely. If you were given a breathalyzer test, there are a few ways you can challenge the [...]

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What Is Criminal Trespassing?

In Alabama, criminal trespassing is loosely defined when a person enters the property of another without permission and/or unlawfully; or when a person remains on the property of another when asked to leave.   There are three degrees of criminal trespassing: first, second, and third.   We will go over each of these to help [...]

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Fighting An Arrest After You Passed The Breathalyzer Test

Getting pulled over is nerve-wracking!   No one is truly prepared for a traffic stop, no matter how much they “plan” for it or have been pulled over in the past.   Most people tend to show a heightened level of nervousness when pulled over.   This nervousness can look “suspicious” to the officer that [...]

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When To Call A Personal Injury Lawyer

When To Call A Personal Injury Lawyer Unfortunately, you can do everything right and still end up hurt because of someone else's negligence.   It’s human nature for you to want to brush it off as “no big deal” - until it becomes a BIG DEAL.   So what constitutes a “big deal”?   If [...]

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What To Do After You’ve Been Given A Traffic Ticket

Ugh!   You look in your rearview mirror and you see flashing lights. You hope they are after someone else, but they stay right behind you. You pull over, get all of your information ready, and hope for the best. But, today isn’t your day - you’ve been given a traffic ticket. Hopefully, you were [...]

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