Being charged with a DUI is already bad enough. If found to be guilty of having 0.08% blood alcohol content, you will face higher rates of insurance, fines, and possible jail time if the crash causes injury or death. Even if the crash is not fatal, a DUI has the potential to ruin your life for years. The consequences of a DUI will cast a shadow over your life and limit you from countless opportunities. There is no reason to let these repercussions of getting a DUI limit you.  Keep reading to see how to avoid 5 unexpected DUI consequences. 

Get Ready To #StayHome

Though #StayHome was the catchphrase of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s going to be your life motto as a consequence of getting a DUI. Not only will you face possible license suspension, but you will also be denied entry at some foreign borders. Though India, China, the UK, and the EU all allow people with DUI’s to enter, you can say goodbye to sunning yourself on the shores of Cancun or enjoying the Toronto skyline.

Both of our neighbors, Mexico and Canada, have very strict DUI laws. They do not allow entry to someone convicted of A DUI. This consequence for being charged with a DUI can be circumvented by applying for a Temporary Resident Permit in Canada. In Mexico, it’s up to the discretion of the border officer. These restrictions expire after ten years but it is best to avoid them in the first place. That’s why you should hire a good attorney to make sure you aren’t convicted of a DUI.

No Delivery Side Hustles

These days, many people make extra cash or even their whole income as drivers for delivery apps. Food delivery apps like Doordash, UberEats, as well as grocery delivery apps like InstaCart and Shipt, are always looking for drivers, but not ones who have been charged with a DUI. This consequence of getting a DUI can be hugely detrimental for people who rely on freelance gig work to supplement their income. Getting a DUI will cause you to fail the background check for these companies and not be employed by them. Avoiding a DUI conviction will save you lots of money in the long run and help you keep hustling. 

School Is Out

With the modern cost of college being exorbitantly expensive, many students rely on the help of academic or athletic scholarships to help pay for school. However, as one of the consequences of receiving a DUI, you would not be eligible for these scholarships. Most scholarships ask questions about misdemeanor or criminal convictions on the application and do background research to help verify. Finding a DUI on your record will stop institutions from providing you with a scholarship. This is yet another consequence that can be avoided by fighting a DUI charge or avoiding it altogether.

We Want You, But Not If You Have A DUI

Has it always been your dream to serve as a member of the United States Armed Forces? Have you wanted to defend the freedoms and liberties that this country represents, all while receiving free education and healthcare? Well, those dreams will go down the drain as a consequence of receiving a DUI. Receiving a conviction for a DUI or DWI will make it very difficult for one to join the military. Depending on the charge, whether or not anyone was injured, and the number of misdemeanors on one’s record, you may still be able to join but only after completing an extensive waiver process.

Adoption Dreams May Not Come True

Many couples and single folks dream of adopting a child and making their hopes for a family a reality. Adoption is one of the best ways to provide a loving and happy home for a child. Adopting a child comes with lots of paperwork and a very intensive background check. A background check that a DUI would prohibit you from passing. This consequence of being convicted of a DUI has major long-term ramifications in making your family goals a reality. Though it can sometimes be appealed if you show the adoption agency proof of rehabilitation and recovery, it is still best to avoid completely by not being convicted in the first place.

If you are facing a DUI charge and want to avoid these unexpected consequences, as well as a host of others, you need to call Tim Fleming. Tim has the experience to help you beat your DUI charge so that you won’t have to face these unexpected consequences. Call us today or fill out our online contact form today. We’ll do everything we can to help you navigate through your DUI charges and overcome your unexpected DUI consequences.