If you are facing criminal charges in Alabama, it is important to avoid critical mistakes that could cost you your freedom. Too many individuals try to figure out what they can/cannot do to protect themselves, and in turn, end up throwing themselves under a bus. Since the goal is to stay out of jail, here are five critical mistakes you need to avoid if you have been charged with a crime in Alabama.

1. Assuming You Are Innocent

While the facts of your case may seem clear, getting to a “not guilty” verdict might not be as easy as you think. There are a lot of criminal laws, statutes, amendments, rules of evidence and more that must be considered. You might not believe you committed a crime, but the law might have a hidden caveat that you are not aware of. Furthermore, innocent individuals are found guilty too, making it even more important to find a criminal defense lawyer who can help you stay out of jail.

2. Assuming You Are Guilty

Just like the above, the facts of your case may seem clear, and yet there are ways to avoid jail time using one of the many potential defenses regarding your charges. Never assume or admit guilt, especially with the consequences that could befall you should you be convicted. Even if you believe (know) you are guilty, it is best to speak with a criminal defense lawyer who can help you make the best decision for you (and your family).

3. Missing Your Court Date

Skipping out on your date at the restaurant is a big faux pax, but it is not as bad as skipping out on your court date. Missing your court date can (will) cast a negative light on your case, even causing you additional troubles if you have other pending charges against you. Instead of missing any court date, make sure you arrive early (in the event there is bad traffic; no excuse works when you are late) and that you are dressed appropriately.

4. Getting Arrested Again

If you have a pending trial date, do not get arrested again for another crime. If you want the judge to give any type of leniency, they need to see that you are trying to do better and that the crime you previously committed is not part of a pattern of bad decisions (behavior). 

5. Not Talking With An Attorney

Finally, too many individuals wait until it is too late to gain any type of traction in their case. Most will try to talk their way out of charges, or worse, defend themselves. There are too many laws and caveats to navigate (it’s a minefield; one wrong step and BOOM). Hiring a criminal defense lawyer who knows the law is the best way to avoid unnecessary consequences.

The faster you reach out to an experienced criminal defense lawyer, the sooner they can start building a defense to help you.

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